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My before and after reflects a 50+ pound difference, healthier today than I was 20 years ago.    My journey is a story of dis-ease reversal, elimination of medication dependency, increase of well being,  alignment of mind, body, and soul. 

I represent that it's never too late to initiate transformation.  It's okay to feel good, it's okay to change. I understand the struggle.


I experienced it, I lived it, and I overcame it.

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My Journey

My story begins after being sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was a corporate executive with a heavy load, long hours struggling with work-life balance, exhausted, stressed out, poor food choices, sickly, low energy levels, not feeling good, well above a healthy weight range, and dis-eased. This led to various ailments. I needed to take back my health. I knew I could not continue to sustain this way of living. I decided to make a concentrated effort to change to save my life. I was sitting with 30+yrs of corporate and personal change management experience. I decided to use these skills to create a transformation plan for myself.

Advocating for my own health led to a series of changes that completely transformed my life and understanding of wellness. I began to thrive and to flourish, overcoming my "health drainers". I soon began to receive compliments on how healthy I looked as I reversed every ailment and removed my stress. I achieved this through holistic health & nutrition education studies, practicing yoga, mindfulness, and incorporating a plant-based consumption. I also increased my physical activity and finally, I left my stressful job.


As a result, I lost over 50 pounds, was no longer dependent on medication, embraced clear skin, incorporated better hydration and sleeping habits. It felt incredible and amazing. I began to "flourish" and soon realized that I was not alone, that there were many others who walked the same path, stuck in the same cycles as I had been. It was then that I realized my purpose - to share and help others thrive, to guide them through their own journey of wellness.


This realization made the mantra “As you care, share, and as you receive, give” clear. It was my turn to share what I learned and to give what I received. After completing certification studies I created "Flourish With Tracy" to invite all into an opportunity to implement an integrated holistic sense of well being.


I now coach and teach others with similar stories to transform, to change their narratives to embrace a new, vibrant, healthy, balanced, and grounded life, to make positive differences. 

I am now proud to present this service platform to help you establish your goals and get you on the path of your new journey

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
Plant Based Nutrition Certification


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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