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What Clients Say




Establish. Nourish

"Tracy is one of the most influential individuals in my life. She is an exceptional listener. She gives sound advice concerning nutrition and wellness.  Tracy inspires and encourages me to invest in myself. She reminds me that I am worth the sacrifices it takes to reach my goals. I have successfully lost over 90 pounds within the last three years. Partner with Tracy today, it will be one of one of the best decisions you’ll ever make!"



Establish. Replenish

"Tracy has encouraged me to embrace a healthy lifestyle and successfully lose over 100lbs in the last 2 years.  Tracy's calm voice and authentic energy makes yoga class easily one of my favorites! She creates a peaceful and meditative environment for all who join her. I am so grateful for her continuous support"




"Tracy's wellness work has been the best support for me over the years, not only in knowledge but also in life giving energy."




"One of the most incredible transformations.  Through fasting and cleansing our bodies and minds, many of us lost 20lbs or more of visceral toxic fats.  Tracy exploded with creativeness inspiring luscious meals, simple and easy to follow recipes and tips!  I count myself fortunate to know

Tracy Shearer. "

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