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Our 200-hour live, online yoga teacher training allows you to complete your coursework online and in our studio (in-person or virtually). Work at your own pace and stay on-track with the guidance of our certified mentors. Through our multidisciplinary yoga classes using Vinyasa and Bhakti practices, you will strengthen your understanding of yoga, as we cover:

  • Asana

  • Meditation

  • Pranayama practices

  • History, philosophy and mythology

  • Anatomy and alignment

  • How to sequence a class and weave a theme

  • How to schedule clients, best practices, obtaining new clients and setting up workshops


Our 200-hour yoga teacher training is structured in modules, which include readings, videos, audio files and a training manual


During live classes (1x per month), you will review the content with your mentor during our live zoom calls.   Use the subsequent weeks in between each live class to complete assignments and required readings. 


After finishing your final practicum module, you will have the tools and skills to venture out into the world and teach.   


Frequently Asked Questions?  Check here

Training Dates​  September 7, 2024  - February 23, 2025

Dates and Times

  • Sept. 7, 2024 

  • Sept. 14-15, 2024   

  • Oct. 5 – 6, 2024

  • Oct. 26 – 27, 2024

  • Nov. 16 – 17, 2024

  • Dec. 7 – 8, 2024

  • Jan 4 – 5, 2025

  • Jan 25 – 26, 2025

  • Feb 22 – 23, 2025

Free Information Sessions

Bring your questions!  Meet the Teachers!  Four sessions will be held on the dates listed below.   Sign up to attend the free info session of your choice:

  • Apr     4/24/24    6:00pm EST

  • May    5/15/24    11:00am EST

  • Jun     6/19/24    11:00am EST

  • Jul      7/17/24     10:00am EST  

Sign Up - Free Info Session



Live online instructor-lead classes one weekend per month Sat & Sun 8am-5pm; self paced study, practice, assignment completion, required readings subsequent weeks between class.

200hr Yoga Teacher
Training Overview


Select the option that best suits you:








Scholarships available

  • We will be offering (2) Scholarships of $855 to be applied towards total tuition.  Interested?   Apply here  

Stay Tuned - Optional Potential

We are reviewing options for a potential all inclusive 2025 Post-Graduation Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica.  More details to come, attendance is not mandatory and is not included in Yoga Teacher Training Certification

Option 1
Early Bird Discount
Pay in Full by 8/31/24 Save $513

Option 2
Pay In Full

Option 3
Installment Plan
up to 5 monthly payments  
Must be paid in full by 10/31/24


What You'll Learn

Through your yoga teacher training journey, you will gain confidence in your skills, find your unique voice as a teacher, and embrace your purpose.

Our multidisciplinary training approach combines Vinyasa and Bhakti yoga practices. Whichever teaching path you choose, you will become a conduit in the community — bringing a heart-centered approach of yoga and sense of fellowship to your students.

At the completion of your training, you will have strengthened your understanding of yoga, discovered deep feelings of purpose and connection, and experienced personal transformation.


Your experience will move beyond becoming a yoga teacher, and evolve into a journey of self exploration.



  • Sun Salutations

  • Alignment Form

  • Alignment Action

  • Using Props



  • Techniques

  • Benefits

  • Developing a Home Practice

  • Create a Guided Meditation



  • Techniques

  • Benefits

  • Practice Methods

  • Teaching Methods

Yoga Philosophy

Yoga Philosophy

  • 8 Limbs of Yoga

  • Bhakti

  • Yoga Sutras

  • Mythology

  • Mantra

  • History

Yoga Equipment

Theme Weaving

  • Identifying an Authentic Theme

  • Teaching from the Heart

  • Integrating a Class Theme

Serene Yoga Studio

Running Your Business

  • How to schedule clients

  • Best practices

  • Yoga teacher ethics

  • Obtaining new clients

  • Setting up a workshop


Anatomy & Alignment

  • Planes of movement

  • Muscle engagement

  • Bones & Joints

  • Yoga alignment

Yoga Instructor


  • Teach a class

  • Teach Sun Salutations 

  • Observe teachers & give feedback

  • Perform assists in the context of a class

  • Final exam

Yoga Pose


  • Arc of a sequence

  • Sequence methods

  • Finding your inner teacher

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